Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cavalock and The Winning Meatball Formulation

So after walking pass this Italian restaurant for over a dozen times over the last couple of months, I finally managed to find a reason to grab a table at Cicheti. Well, reason being I finally managed to squirrel away enough for a fancy dinner. Read a lot of good things online about this joint, like how authentic and good it is. And guess what, it is all that and more! It's definitely advisable to call for a reservation cos the place was pretty even on a weekday.

Just about everything we had met our expectations. Started with the Duo Caprese below, where you got fried mozzarella cheese served with semi-dried tomatoes Capri-styled salad. There's the sweet tomatoes mixed in with all that cheesy goodness and you got a winner right here.

Always wanted to enjoy a "traditional" pizza with homemade tomato sauce and topped with bufala and parmesan cheese. Yah, I think I had at least one while in Italy but don't think I had one here till now. It felt almost deliciously enticing, picking up and folding each slice then with all that tomato sauce and gorgeous cheese dripping away. But the highlight of the night were the above tasty sautéed beef meatballs that came with the fresh homemade tagliatelle. A truly unforgettable dinner experience set in a nice and cozy little shophouse along Kandahar Street.

Thought I'll just share some more of my 80-year-old Dad's latest bird shots since it has been like a month since I posted any of his pix. As usual, he has been travelling by himself all over the island almost every single day. Really makes me worry when he's taking public transport alone and carrying all his gear, then I see other younger seniors sitting aimlessly in the arcades or in the nursing home, and I don't complain anymore. Anyway, some of these shots were taken Gardens by the Bay and Pasir Ris. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Oh, and here's a crazy little lizard to end the post! <^;^>

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