Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cavalock and The Secret of The Real Iced Lemon Tea

Now here's a little secret on how you can get the healthiest drink in your local kopi tiam or coffee shop. You know how when you ask for iced lemon tea, most places would serve you a pre-made sickly sweet syrupy drink that only remotely tastes like lemon or even tea? Well, here's how you can get REAL iced lemon tea. Just order 'teh O peng' that's plain iced tea. And ask for a slice of lemon in it. There you go, iced lemon tea the natural way at your neighbourhood kopi tiam.

Another drink I really really like is a foamy tall glass of teh chino which is pretty much just hot milk that's "pulled" with a layer of tea added on top. The most puzzling thing bout the drink is why in the world would anyone serve a piping hot drink with a straw??? Do you know how crazy it is to suck hot fluids through a straw???

I know some of you may be sick and tired of my fake Lego purchases but I love them and for like less than S$2 each, I'll keep buying them. They even have the fake New 52 DC statues by Jim Lee like Green Lantern, Flash and Superman, and they certainly look tempting. You still have to be careful when buying the fake Legos as not all brands are the same. Some like the Decool and S brands are closer to the real deal. I can almost find no faults in the newer ones I bought a few days ago, like Catwoman that came with a cool whip and diamond accessories, and the paint job on the Joker was amazing.

Yes, I swapped Aquaman's head on Cap's body. :P

Something I picked up at the Sunday flea market at China Square Central recently which is really THE place to get all your fake Legos these days but not necessary the cheapest. It's a fake Lego chamber for the Batman costumes or armor. Like how in the movies and comics, Bruce Wayne would have his costumes hanging in special chambers, well, here's the fake Lego version of it, for only S$5. But I guess technically, you can put any costume in there. ;)

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