Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cavalock and The Oyster Magnesium Max-Out

Achievement unlocked! I do believe I broke a personal record of 12 oysters in one seating when me and the Baker-at-Home had dinner at Kakiin Oyster recently. Definitely not a lot by most people's standard but I was never a big oyster chucker. So this is another one of them tiny little Japanese joints at Orchard Plaza that we kinda started exploring since last month. Specialising in fresh (not frozen!) oysters, they got oysters all the globe and done in just as many ways.

My favourite has got to be the the above dish, oysters grilled two ways, with garlic butter (left) and sake (right). Sake wins garlic butter, 'nuff said. All the other oyster dishes are winners as well, and we had a fun time time deciding what else to order again when we make a return visit to the place. Also enjoyed some their chicken dishes like chicken fillet with wasabi sauce, and sautéed chicken cartilages.  

Alight, so how are we prepping the inevitable lockdown? I know I need more paints as I'm running low on some colours. Painted these bases before I attach the figures to them. Some artillery pieces for my Stormcast army, two mow ballista units to give my guys more range options. It'll take awhile to finish them although I don't see myself playing them anytime soon.

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