Saturday, March 14, 2020

Cavalock and The Vanishing Queues Appreciation

Admit it, despite the Co-vid doom and gloom hanging over the city, there is a part of you that is relishing the fact that eateries that were once besieged by long queues of tourists are now free of them. Case in point, Bacha Coffee at ION Orchard. No more snaking lines of Chinese and regional tourists outside the cafe. We finally got a table! I lost count of the number of times me and the Baker-at-Home walked away from the joint cos of the (at least) hour-long wait.

You can also find a table at the food court as there are folks these days as half the office are working from home. I know business is bad and eateries are losing money but I'm thinking, folks still gotta eat so someone has be benefitting from this. Food delivery services for sure. And supermarkets too cos folks will be cooking their meals at home more often I guess.

Since all our travel plans for the year are grounded. No more Japan trips for now. So I have been busy painting as I definitely foresee more gaming hours ahead. Just painted the new Squig hero for my Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniatures army. I actually like how the colors came out for this model. And my special order from the UK, just came in too. More Troggoths! Or trolls to you mortals. I have just based them white before painting in the colors. Some of my friends are working from home these couple weeks and we have been meeting up for gaming sessions. Hah!

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