Monday, March 02, 2020

Cavalock and The Balmuda Toaster Reminiscent

Probably one of the weirdest Easter eggs I have ever seen. Guinness Easter eggs spotted at Meidi-Ya over the weekend, I guess of the last few times I'll be there before they move out. Although the Baker-At-Home has managed to wrangle some info on a very likely new location for our favourite Japanese supermarket.

Something that we did bought from Meidi-Ya that evening was this tempting six-pack of limited edition premium Kirin beer. Never could resist a new "flavour" of beer especially if each can promises 5.5% of goodness. 

Saw this Balmuda t-shirt at Liang's Court Uniqlo and I knew I had to get it since it serves as a reminder of how we packed an entire state-of-the-art toaster oven in our luggage three years ago. Secured by our holiday laundry stuffed all around it. That was one heavy piece of luggage! Still using it at least once every week or two. Definitely one of our best buys from Japan. Believe it or not, I still get the occasional email bout getting a Balmuda toaster in Singapore, how to get it working with a transformer and all that. While writing this post, I realised that my original Balmuda post had a couple of enquires bout which transformer to use, been ages since I visited that post so I never read the comments. Real sorry but that. Well, I'm using a 1500 Watt, AC to AC converter. Hope that helps.

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