Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Cavalock and The May MishMash Roundup

Feels like ages since I wrote anything here. Been busy with new and old stuff, some I like, others not so much. Well, more stuff I like than not which I guess is a good thing. The Baker-at-Home and I got to drop by Bread Street Kitchen for their popular Beef Wellington Pie which she learnt how to prepare from Masterclass organised by Bread Street last month.

Not bad but little too dry so I had to kinda go crazy with the sauce there. Their fish and chips is still one of my favourites here. Always a good enough place for dinner at MBS.

The aim of the month was to try as many new things as possible and one of those was me attending a reformer class. If you ain't sure what that is, go Google it. I ain't making it easy for you since the reformer sure as hell didn't make it easy for me. Not that the workouts were tough, just that I was the only guy (as in the only male) in the class and me being naturally self conscious to the max, it was ...well, rather uncomfortable. Reminder to self: Never wear short shorts to a reformer class, wear track pants!

First time for everything. A few weekends ago, I snapped and posted my first selfie on Facebook. It's something I have never done before and also something I absolutely detest doing. The only reason I did it was cos it was the only way to get the above two free ork figures for my Warhammer game.

So yah, I pretty much sold out on my principles for two little plastic figures. I guess it's also a reflection of how low I would go for anything game related and geez, it's lower than I thought. Think how much I was willing to sell out for an entire board game!?! Who's glad I'm not in politics?

In my defence, those two figures are rather fun to paint. They are 'mercenaries' and I could add them to my Order army. Totally useless through except maybe as disposable guys to engage the enemy first to like, tie them up a bit while my main guys move into position.

One of the unique experiences of life in lazy breezy Pasir Ris. No, not my neighbourhood. Sweet muther of gawd, no, just no.


imp said...

Teeehehehe. Yes, wear long bottoms for reformer classes! And loads of guys do it too. Ignore everyone else- focus on uhhhh your own pain. :P

Cavalock said...

Yah, I had to grab a pair from Uniqlo! Back to my training at Raffles. Will probably attempt the Reformer again next week. :)