Monday, May 07, 2018

Cavalock and The Labour Day Sensibilities

Slowly settling back into a routine, the subtle kind of normalcy that I believe most people crave for but are just too afraid to say out loud in today's world. It's alright to not wanna be super ambitious or 'king of the hill'. Anyway I got back to my 'own-time-own-target' writing and the Baker-at-Home got to do what she does best. As in last week, she baked this here apricot bread while I was busy putting together a mobile game project for a friend.

It's not unusual to forget that the rest of the world celebrates Labour Day in different ways. This year we got a chance to spend Labour Day holiday at a friend's home for a good ol' burger BBQ. I guess that's how they do it in the US, non? Helped ourselves to some cheesy delicious home made meat patties. And there's a huge blueberry lemon cake that's not in the picture too. Plus that's real honest porky bacon down there, not some pseudo turkey crap.

Guess I still can't stop mentioning bout this year's Japan trip just yet. Hah! One of my best buys, a handy Snoopy and gang tote bag that's huge enough for two boardgames!

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