Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cavalock and The Scoop on A Scoop

I suppose you could call this a scoop on a scoop. My friend's third ice-cream parlour should be opening to the public really soon and I dropped by a couple days ago as she and her staff were getting the place ready. It's at Gillman Barracks, next to Masons restaurant.

So I got a sneak peek and was honestly impressed by not just the new shop but also by the lush and green surroundings. Definitely a different and cooler vibe than their other Creamier and Sunday Folks outlets. The place is also a lot quieter and cozier. The empty outdoor space in the above pix will be filled with tables and chairs when it's opened to the public later next week.

As for what's in store inside, I tried their work-in-progress Macadamia Tropicana ice-cream. Its got nuts, coconut and pineapple and I really like it. Other things they got planned besides new ice-cream flavours are new coffee concoctions and maybe a cake or two. Can't wait for the new Creamier to open its doors.

It has been a bit of a reunion week for me. Meeting up with other ex-colleagues from the media and advertising industry. And I dare say that all of us have stepped away from that soul-wrenching industry with absolutely no regrets. A couple of them have met with amazing success in their new careers. Am happy for them. My life as a caregiver doesn't leave me much of a career choice but I have been putting together some short horror stories. Last month I got an email that one of them was accepted for an overseas e-book anthology. Fingers crossed, we''ll see how that goes.

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