Sunday, October 07, 2012

Cavalock and The Retro Metal Cups Discovery

Still rampaging though the old family house and look what I found in the kitchen cupboard. A couple really old made-in-China metal cups, I bet they are at least 50 years old each. But still in pretty good shape, clean and stain-free!

I don't really remember seeing anyone in the family using them while I was growing up. Instead of the fancier made-in-UK ones I discovered earlier, I figured they'll be our morning coffee cups now. Hah! The smaller one seems ideal for an expresso shot I thought. Easier to wash too and I don't have to worry bout breaking them like I did to my Bodum cups. Only 'bad' thing I think is that your coffee cools faster in a metal cup.

The Autumn Hokkaido Fair at Takashimaya is back again (till 14 Oct) and I took a little time off from my caregiving duties to drop by the shopping mall on the first day of the sale. Lots of creamy milky desserts to choose from. Finally settled on several different cakes and desserts. I'll snap some pix of the others I bought once I finally get to stuffing my face with them. ;)

In my book, this strawberry swiss roll was obscenely gratifying. Sweet as sweet can be with some heavenly soft and creamy strawberry filing. Plus the roll itself was nice and soft too. The little strawberry jam jelly in the centre provided the finishing touch to an extremely satisfying after dinner dessert.

Oh, and before I forget, just wanna remember this weird-ass dream I had earlier this week. Dreamt that I was standing under a freakin' dim sum tree, where the siu mai grew in bunches like grapes! How freaky is that?!?


imp said...

clearly, you need to go eat dim sum soon. not going to be very fun if it's a recurring nightmare.

Cavalock said...

Yes! Been months (think even a year) since I had good dim sum! :P