Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cavalock and The Iron Man Cookie Factory

Came home one nite after a boardgame session with the guys and look what I found! Iron Man cookies! Unfortunately they weren't for me. All 30 iced cookies will be on their way to a kid's birthday party by the time I post this. But I did managed to snap more than a few shots of them.

The cookies may be from my kitchen but I had nothing to do with them. As you can see below, each cookie is individually hand-painted. Pretty neat, eh?

Check this out! The cookies come with an armored escort during delivery too! I luv my action figures! For all you non-comic book fans, those are just some of various Iron Man armor that Stark has worn over the years.

Hey, I'm really digging my Home Vintage stuff so I thought I'll do another one! As a kid, growing up in my family meant taking afternoon tea breaks on an almost regular basis. I didn't really drink a lot of tea back then but it was basically a time when my late mom or aunt would yell at me to stop whenever I was doing in the afternoon (usually reading or watching TV), and grab a biscuit or chicken drumstick. Yes, really, a chicken drumstick but that's another story for another day.

Needless to say, my family kept quite an interesting collection of British tea sets. Digging through the family homes, I found more than a couple of teacups. Here's one that I posted earlier. The above one is a complete set with a pitcher, teapot etc. I actually don't remember using them at all.

Here's something fun. One of the above teacup and saucer set is made in China while the other is fine bone china that's made in the UK, can you guess which is which? :)


SarahColdheart said...

Left from UK and the right from China?

Cavalock said...

heh, i thought i'll wait awhile more n see if anyone else makes to make a guess before i give the answer. ;)

bookjunkie said...

Is the UK one on the left? Cos it looks a bit like the one my mum has.

Cavalock said...

UK is the one on the right! ;)