Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Was as vanilla as can be"

Hey guys, check this out! Got this slide show running and figured I'll throw it the Marvel villain collection I mentioned in my last post. Pretty neat, eh?

Now I was tagged by Imp's meme some time ago. So musical flashback coming up. So what the hell was I listening to back when I was 18? I gotta admit, I was at the mercy of the local Top 40 music stations. I remembered listening to my little radio walkman on long bus rides during my army daze. A discman was way too big and heavy so I got me a small radio thingy from Aiwa. Like I said, music wise I was mainstream all way, I was as vanilla as can be. It was mostly late 80s and early 90s’ US Top 40 stuff with a little Brit Top of the Pops thrown in. Nah, you guys don’t need me to write the song titles down, pretty sure you are not that young too. Hah!


Anonymous said...

so u are 50 yrs old? :D
thats a great slide show cavachan!!

Cavalock said..., i'm not in my 50s although there r days when i feel like i am. ;)

Anonymous said...

juz kidding lol

B said...

Nice collection and great shots.

Yes, my music preferences at age 18 were also rather mainstream... or, as you refer to it, vanilla. But often, we are sheltered until we are out on our own and can really explore what interests us. In our teens, it seems we really are rather homogenized by popular culture.

Anonymous said...

woots!! vanilla!!! dare i even ask about the clothes back then??? ;P

Cavalock said...

b: yah, i truly believe that we are homogenized by popular culture. Esp. when we were in our teens, there was no Internet yet. It was through mainstream music, MTV, TV, movies and magazines (that usually arrive a month or two later from across the world).

imp: was a total nerd back then. office pants, short sleeved shirt tucked in and track shoes! no shit. think i'll write bout it one day if anyone is interested. hah