Sunday, August 16, 2020

Cavalock and The Flypast Foto Flash

This is probably the Baker-at-Home's current favourite Japanese grill joint right now. It's me third time at Osaka Yakiniku DonDon at Tanjong Pagar and I honestly lost count how many times she has been there with just her friends. They are (were?) fully booked for days ahead but we got in with a very early last-minute dinner seating for two. From our experience, odds of getting a table are always in your favour if it's only a table for two.  Our go-to picks are the coriander salad, potato salad, ox tongue, wagyu ribeye and the (tenderest) tenderloin. 

Well, me 86-year-old managed to camp at the Marina area during the National Day flypast rehearsal morning couple weeks ago as well as the actual day itself. During the rehearsal, he was balancing his camera on a monopod as the tripod was too heavy for him to carry on public transport. But he managed to do just that on National Day morning all by himself.

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