Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cavalock and The Schoolgirl Coaster Convention

Thanks to the Baker in the House, we managed to get a lunch table at current hip Japanese joint, Kanda Wadatsumi at Tras Street. After more than a few rave reviews in the press and online, I can understand why the place is pretty crowded. Had the unagi set and it was definitely worth every S$30 of it and I topped up S$8 for the appetiser and black sesame ice-cream. Now all this also comes with a little kettle of broth that you are supposed to add to the rice in a separate bowl, and it all tastes really good together. Another highlight was the chawanmushi that came crowned with a dollop of heavenly uni.

And in other news, we finally decided to use the pair of eye-catching Japanese schoolgirl coasters we got form Tokyo earlier this year. Not that we were expecting guests or anything in our tiny apartment, I just wanted to crack them open. Pretty neat, uh?

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