Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cavalock and The Food Street Swerve

Was extremely honoured that to be one of the select few to dine with Gordon Ramsey at his new restaurant Bread Street Kitchen. To finally be welcomed as a primer food blogger is truly a dream come true. Rammy's (he luvs it when people call him that) masterpiece is this seemingly simple dish of basil chicken.

HAH!!! I'm just yanking yer chain! I was never invited to Bread Street Kitchen nor any restaurant for that matter! I still anxiously await the day that I shall be bestowed the title of local food blogger like so many out there, and be overwhelmed with invites to every other restaurant and cafe on the island. No, I don't, I honestly don't. Heh! By the way, the above is in fact a delicious home-cooked basil chicken dish by the baker-at-home.

So my 82-year-old Dad is still spending his mornings stalking birds all across the island. Am thinking of putting together another little book on his photographs, just for fun. Self-publish it like the last time. Gawd knows I got enough material for at least half a dozen books.

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