Friday, August 08, 2014

Cavalock and The Biru Sake Distraction

Now it's not every day that I admit to a culinary misstep, well, probably cos I only commit them every other day. But this is one that I think is worth sharing as it involves the dangers of alcohol abuse. Yes, as in it's simply abusive behaviour to deny me more of this drink. So I saw this bottle of Japanese booze on sale at Isetan and don't ask me why but I immediately assumed it was biru or Japanese beer. A couple of things drew me to it, that it's deviously Yuzu-flavoured and that it goes down well with fried freakin' food.

A few days after I bought it, I finally managed to get my hands on some quality fried chicken drumlets and took a swig of it. First thought I had was 'this is great, the Yuzu flavour is really refreshing but this sure as hell doesn't taste like beer!'.

So after a week sitting in the fridge, I finally took a closer look at the label and guess what it says. Sake! Hah, I suppose the words 'High-Ball' would also had been a dead giveaway. What's more, see how it's labelled 7% alcohol on the bottle instead of 6% like in the ad. Er .... that's a good thing, right?

Time to check out more oldie vintage stuff I found. The collection belonged to my late mom and is very similar to this other set that I posted awhile back. Pretty cool eh? I honestly don't recall them being used at all. Anyway they are all made in England and I reckon at least 40 years ago. Now these days they outsource the manufacturing to India and Indonesia, that's what I have been told. Still haven't figured out what I'm gonna do with them. I guess if anyone's having a Downton Abbey viewing party, I could loan them out. ;)

Is that a sugar bowl? It seems a little too big for one.

Soooooo there's a tiny little chance that I might be heading to the US, or Indianapolis and New York to be exact, next week. I'm quite wary about it but my 92-year-old aunt and almost everyone else insist that I make the journey. It has been almost 15 years since I was in the Big Apple, I'm sure things have changed, from what I'm hearing it ain't all for the better. I have asked a couple of friends about stuff like SIM cards (T-mobile seems to be the fav) and taking domestic flights, both things that I have never done before in the US. I'm also mentally prepared for a ton of racist encounters. Its gonna be pretty crazy as I don't know a single person there. Yikes! For better or worse, it will be an unforgettable odyssey.

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