Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cavalock and The 3 Layer Tea Addiction

Drumroll please, as I introduce our favourite drink in Kuala Lumpur, and that's the 3 Layer Tea or 3 Layer Milk Tea as it's also known. Real men don't drink coffee in the morning, we chug the sweeeeeetest drink known to mankind for breakfast, two days in a row! You can find this popular drink in almost every kopi tiam across Kuala Lumpur and it's just tea, evaporated milk and 50 metric tons of palm sugar or Gula Melaka in a cold tall glass. Yes, it's that sweet! A couple of us had it twice on Saturday and ended up in an epic sugar rush fit.

According to the recipe I found, it's 1/5 Gula Melaka, 1/5 evaporated milk and 3/5 red tea although I swear to gawd, it tasted like all one-third equal parts. Pour the Gula Melaka in a tall iced glass. wait awhile before pouring in the milk slowly over the ice and then top it all up with that final layer of tea. I really don't understand why doesn't anyone do this drink here. I know Toastbox and at least one Chinese restaurant here do a similar drink but I tried the former and it doesn't come anywhere near the real deal. I just find it weird that it's so readily available just a short plane ride away but we can't get a decent one here.

Time for the geeky part of the post. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we were all in Kuala Lumpur for to play Magic: The Gathering and like most of their Grand Prix events, there are always guest fantasy artists. This year we saw two artists, Winona Nelson and Anthony Palumbo doing the honours. I didn't have a chance to meet Winona cos of the extra long queue and almost everyone wanted her to do one of her amazing sketches. Since none of my friends were interested in the artists and didn't wanna spend over an hour queuing, I could only get Anthony's signatures.

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