Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cavalock and The Food Cable Dilemma

Its been almost a month since we got the Food Network (Asia version) channel on cable here and after watching the shows, all I can say is ...meh... I'll still go for the Asia Food channel if I wanna learn how to cook something or be entertained by the celebrity chefs. Right now there are only two shows on the Food Network that I like and even then I don't make it a point to watch every episode of it, the shows are 'Unwrapped' and 'Food Network Challenge'.

'Unwrapped' is a half hour show that looks at popular American processed snacks like It's It, Ben & Jerry's mini cups and cocktail franks. I kinda like it cos it's all just sinful snacks that I don't usually eat a lot of here in Singapore, yah, I know it sounds weird.

'Food Network Challenge' is cool cos sometimes you get to see professional chefs in action, competing against each other, other times you get some small town cook-offs with a bunch of housewives, the latter I avoid. Favorite so far is the sandwich aka super hero challenge. Four chefs, four timed rounds. Cold, Hot, Panini and Signature sandwich. Really had me dying for a lobster roll sandwich plus me wanting to get a Panini machine so badly.

So I finally made my return to Tom's Palatte this week. That's salted caramel cheesecake there. Had my heart set on my fav blueberry cheesecake but no such luck that night. Was alright but did I ask for two flavors? Nope, although I was tempted by the apple pie, I'm a one flavor kinda guy which is probably why I'll never be destined for a threesome. :P

Oh yah, as you can see, I did a little revamp here. Feel free to click on those little buttons you see at the bottom of each post! <^;^>


ice said...

Yah those lobster rolls! I've seen them online too, makes me so want to eat. We never get such awesome stuff here.

Cool! 1 flavor. I like you already!

Stargirl said...

i eat pretty quickly usually so i don't have to worry about my ice-cream melting into a pool of different flavors haha!

Cavalock said...

ice: crabs are everywhere but we can't find a decent lobster meal here!

stargirl: it's a small cup, should be done in a few spoonfuls. :P