Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Damn it"

Damn it. My Blogger is still giving me problems. I still can't link anything to my posts. I can post photos but can't link any sites. It says it's a server problem and an engineer has been notified. Yah right, it's been over a week already.

Its been awhile but I finally had another one of those big epic dreams like I used to have like, almost every week, years ago. I call them my 'big budget action adventure' dreams cos they usually span a few years in dreamland but actually just one 'real' nite. One of my favourites had me as an Allied soldier disguised as an SS Nazi officer during WWII. If I could, I would link this post with my other dream posts under 'Weirdness'.

Well, this latest dream I had a few nites ago had the entire Earth being invaded by aliens. It's kinda like War of the Worlds cos I never saw the aliens. Only huge ships blanketing the skies. They just kept bombing the surface. It was a pretty depressing dream cos everyone was just so helpless.

Anyway, back to food. Managed to at last have a bowl of ramen at the popular (direct-from-Japan) Ramen Marutama at The Central on Friday nite. That's the side orders Dashimaki Tamago (egg rolls) on the left and Yaki Char Siew (pork) below.
My main order was the house speciality Aka Char Siew Ramen. Yah I know, I need to remember to hit the Flash the next time I take my food pix. So was it worth standing 20 minutes in the Q? Yah, it was pretty good. not too salty too. My colleagues who had the spicy ramen said it wasn't as spicy as they thought it would be. Generous servings too. Almost S$20 for my main bowl of ramen. If I remember correctly, it'll cost a little less if I was having it in Japan.


Anonymous said...

wooow i love dashimaki!! lol
your pics look really professional!!
wat is Aka Char Siew Ramen? Aka means red in japanese.
was it red collored noodle??

Cavalock said...

Thank you! According to the menu, i think the Aka Char Siew Raman is the seasonal house special, its a soup that contains 7 kinds of nuts.

Anonymous said...

wooow never heard of it!
sounds very healthy :)
thank u sooooo much!!!