Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hide And Seek

Gosh, its been awhile since I posted anything. Work has been so crappy lately that I just didn’t wanna do any more writing once I head home. Now that’s another thing. When you live alone right now like me, the last thing you wanna do is not have anything to do when you step into an empty apartment.

That’s why I always try to do something or plan something or have something to look forward to when I come home. Otherwise I know I’ll just go nuts slowly but surely. And that’s why I was kinda glad I had World of Warcraft online, that kept me busy after work and was most additive, for awhile at least. Fun while it lasted. These days I try to sleep early, used to sleep pretty late after midnight.

These nights, I might slip in a card game at a game shop after work on Tuesday nights, Wednesday and Thursday nights are usually TV and reading. Would catch up on my reading while watching CSI or Two and A Half Men. Fridays, if no one has plans for drinks, are for laundry and vacuuming and mopping the entire apartment. I always think I’m freaking out the neighbors with all that vacuuming in the middle of the night.

Now, here's one of me favourite bit of my Batcave, Fortress of Solitude, Avengers Mansion or whatever. My hidden (book and display) shelves in the living room!

And ta-tah! Open them and ...well, it is kinda messy I know, that's why I took the pix from a distance!


Richard said...

My books are always on display ... erm .. sort of all over the house, not just the bookshelves (much to Sofia's dismay). I do have several boxes I haven't unpacked yet because of lack of room on the bookshelves. I am hoping to squeeze another 5 into the study.

I find those shelves pretty neat. Are there standard for the apartment or did you specially purchase them?

Cavalock said...

Nope. They were specially designed for me. Told the interior guy that I needed lotsa shelves for my books and stuff, preferably hidden ones. And he came up with this cool row, I was quite pleased with it. Everyone who has seen it said it looked great. Too bad I forgot to mention that I wanted adjustable shelves.

sereneannabelle said...

it's sooo nicceeeee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww wat a nice apartment!!
designed for u?? cavachan is sooo cool :)
wat time ru vacuuming? in my country, after 9pm is supposed to be Bad. hehe...
have a nice weekend!!!

imp said...

it's really quite neat!

it's called 'organized chaos'. i'm sure you can find a book or some item pretty much anytime/anywhere.

Cavalock said...

serendipity: Thanks!

niki: ooo...didn't know about the vacuuming after 9pm thing, will remember next time!

imp: if i dig deep enough, yah, i'll probably find it. heh

Coffee Fairy v1 said...

i love your shelves! :)