Monday, December 18, 2017

Cavalock and The Instant Noodle Perplexity

The Baker-at-Home called ahead to make dinner reservations at Oversea Restaurant, an old school Cantonese joint that's just a short stroll from our hotel. So they used to have an outlet in Singapore years ago but had to close that. Their specialty char siu was excellent and it's easy to understand you gotta call ahead just to reserve this dish. And yah, this was the dinner we had after our joint food coma earlier in the day.

Here's something interesting we spotted at the food court in Kuala Lumpur. Unlike our local yong tau fu stalls where we get to decide on the kinda noodles or rice to have, well, apparently in KL there is a whole selection of different instant noodles to choose from. Pretty weird huh?

What I did not expect to do in KL? Buy painting supplies from Art Friend. Was definitely not planning that but we happened to see they had a store at the mall and whoa! things are cheaper here. And I also grabbed a novel from KLCC Kinokuniya, not cos it was cheaper there but becos I have never seen the book sold here. I could be wrong but I believe the book is out-of-print. It's an old horror anthology. Few folks understand the joy of finding an out-of-print book in a bookstore.

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