Monday, June 06, 2016

Cavalock and The Morning Pancake Quest

It was my unrelenting craving for pancakes that led the baker-at-home to seek out Marufuku Coffee while we were in Osaka. An online search the previous evening led us to Nipponbashi next morning. It's a street corner cafe and while they do have other more modern outlets across Osaka, this is I believe the one that's been around since the 1930s.

Opps! I forgot to take any pix of the cafe interior. An absolute pity as I loved the Taisho period decor. Precious tea set displays, eye-catching ornaments from a bygone era, posh leather seats, really took me back in time. Anyway the breakfast was phenomenal and at the top of the list was this curry cheese toast. Why is this not a thing here?!? It's got that mild sweet familiar Japanese curry plus the cheesy goodness on toast.

Finally the pancakes! Light and thick, unlike the thin dense hotcakes over at places like McDonald's which I'm guessing most folks head over for pancakes or flapjacks. Fantastic breakfast. And the coffee was amazing too. They got their own famous dripping method and are known for a range of coffee products. Yah, we bought some and are enjoying them every morning now.

And now this. It's the start of summer in Japan, temperature's a rising and it's the fashion (it says so on the cover!) statement every office guy wants to make. Nipple shields for men! Being in the media/creative biz almost all my life, wearing a white office shirt was never a requirement so considering the humidity in this part of the world, I ask yet again ... how is this not a thing here?!? ;)

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