Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cavalock and The Things We'll Never See Here

There's a new Shake Shack right in Shinjuku and it's in the same building as Hotel Century Southern, the hotel we stayed in March! They weren't there yet when we were there! Naturally we made our way there for both lunch and dinner on our latest trip to Tokyo.

The Shinjuku Shack will donate 5% of sales from the Rainbow Connection concrete to the Institute of Human Diversity Japan to benefit the successful development of communities and organizations to promote human diversity.
Two things we'll never ever see in Singapore which is pretty disheartening cos I think they are both really cool. Pet food in our fast food menu and service staff going that extra mile to brighten up your day. Sad but true and you all know it.

Another thing that's cool are the food trucks that are set up at the outdoor area right next to Shake Shack. Alfresco dining is at its best when everything clicks together, like nice weather, music and it's not too crowded. As the summer weather became a lot more agreeable at night we decided to chow down on our burgers outdoors that evening, opposite the food trucks and their music.

Zzzzzzt!..... we interrupt this Tokyo update to bring you our annual Washpole Patriot update for 2017. We are glad to inform regular viewers readers that the Washpole Patriot is back this year! Proudly flying our nation's flag over the iconic HDB dumpster is a sight citizens across the island We now return you to our regular 2017 Tokyo vacation update.

Here's something I never expected to see, and was pleasantly surprised when I got off the escalator and saw Eataly in the middle of Tokyo, or in the basement of Mitsukoshi department store to be exact. Eataly is this huge Italian food marketplace. But this Tokyo outpost takes up only a pretty small section of the basement area. According to Wiki, they are "largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery and retail items." Should I chalk this up to another thing that we'll never see here? ;)

I had wanted to drop by the New York Eataly when I was in the Big Apple last year but there wasn't enough time. We had a decent dinner with refreshing limoncello at the restaurant there but didn't pick up anything as our hands were already full with our Japanese purchases. Cos this was kinda unexpected, maybe with a little research, we'll grab something if we are there next time.


imp said...

Your washpole patriot has a strong game. It's been what, a decade of this?!

Cavalock said...

Yah, more than that since I assumed he or she has been doing it before I came along. :)