Monday, March 13, 2017

Cavalock and The March Mochi Madness

Oh yah, this is how you kick off a vacation in Tokyo. Yup, time to take a break from my break from the rat race. We were in Tokyo in 2015 and last year saw us in Osaka so this year, the baker-at-home and I figured it's time we headed back to Tokyo for just a short week-long stay.

We touched down at about 5.30pm, reached our hotel in Shinjuku at a little past 7pm. Immediately headed out to an izakaya for dinner and grabbed dessert on our way back. Of cos, we looked for the latest Haagen-Dazs flavours available and we found these two, kinako kuromitsu mochi ice-cream (introduced in 2015 but I missed it back then) and the newer black sesame walnut ice-cream.

You got a layer of mochi resting nicely on top of the ice-cream. Much preferred the sweeter kuromitsu brown sugar. The mochi is just the right sticky texture. Not too  sticky. The black sesame one was alright and the little walnut chunks in it gave it a tasty little crunch but since I had the kuromitsu first, well, brown sugar won hands down.

First time staying at the Hotel Century Southern Tower in Shinjuku instead of our usual Keio Plaza. Nice view from our room on the 24th floor. Damn it, its been less than a week since I got back and already I miss Tokyo.

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