Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cavalock and The New York State of Mind

There I was, sitting by the fountain by myself in the park, enjoying a Nathan's hotdog, just opposite the Apple store in Fifth Avenue when an extended family of Indian tourists descended upon me and unceremoniously evicted me from my spot. About a dozen of them just swarmed around me, as if I was invisible, absolutely no regard for personal space while I was having my lunch and started posing, snapping pix right in my face. Hey, this is New York, I could be some crazy homeless dude packing some heat! Believe it or not, that was the only (man-made) negative experience I had during my entire two-week long U.S. trip. There was a major technical Delta flight glitch that affected thousands of travellers but that's a story for another day. But seriously, with hordes of unruly China and Indian tourists overrunning landmarks across the globe, I just don't know what to say. Well, I actually do but I shouldn't say such things online. 

Anyway, this solo trip to New York was invigorating on so many levels. It is simply amazing when you get to just chill by yourself, no plans at all, relax and do whatever you feel like in the middle of New York. So naturally I made my way from Fifth Avenue to Times Square to finally visit that famous New York geek tourist attraction called Midtown Comics. Heard and read about the place for the longest time, glad I finally got to visit this incredible comic book shop. Urgh! The day I was leaving NYC, Batman writer Scott Snyder was supposed to visit the store that evening for an autograph session.

On my walk back to my hotel, I sneaked into Lady M Cake Boutique along 40th Street for an afternoon break. Is it just me or does it look a lot greener than the one we have back home? Not bad but was a little too chewy, was kinda expecting it to be softer. What was interesting was me seated between a Russian couple on my left and a Japanese couple on my right. Not tourists but judging from their conversations and opened laptop, I'm guessing they live and work in the Big Apple.

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