Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cavalock and The Annual Washing Pole Visitation

I must have walked past this Marutama Ra-men along Killiney Road a gazillion times to and from my old family home, but I never thought bout dropping in cos I figured it's just like their other outlets around the island, hawking the usual ramen dishes. Oh, how wrong I was.

Three words, Garlic Steak Rice. Tell them how you want the steak done and it comes back you just the way you want it. Sprinkle as much fried garlic as you like over it and trust me, I like them lots. This is so good and a set meal goes for only S$23. I believe this is the only Marutama Ra-men restaurant that serves this dish. I could be wrong. Besides their signature ramen, there are also quite a selection of donburi and sashimi on their menu.

Hey, is it already that time of the year again?!? You bet it is! National Day is never complete for me without this mesmerising sight of our national flags hanging on bamboo washpoles, fluttering in the wind. Every year, I honestly look forward to this more than any fireworks display especially when the person mixes and matches his or her hanging laundry with the flag. It's priceless.


imp said...

Wow, there's something to be said about the dedication of this wash pole patriot. He hasn't missed a year!!!

Cavalock said...

Lol, my upcoming post shows it's catching on! ;)